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Credit Repair is needed by more people now more than ever before, some need it as they are planning for an upcoming purchase while others are ensuring they are prepared in the ev‚Äčent of an emergency. Due to the current economic situation the journey to 720 has become more and more difficult to reach, but we are here to get you to and thru that 720.  Charges offs, collections, bankruptcy, medical accounts etc, we handle it all for you.  If you are brave enough, we will show you how to tackle it on your own, just follow our lead this WAY!!

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To and Thru 720 provides an analysis of your credit report, a path to improve your score and guidance on how to keep your score.

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Founder of To & Thru 720 LLC, Tamera a wife and mother of 4 wanted no more but to repair her and husband's credit in order to begin the journey to homeownership. However, so many programs and people wanted high sign up fees, costly monthly payments, with little to no results. Tamera did not give up, she continued to research and began the process of doing it on her own. Through trial and error, research, and numerous disputes she began to realize, although time consuming the repair process is something that can definitely been done on your own for a fraction of what some of the companies she tried has charged. In the course of 7 months she was able to raise her score from a 550 to a 698!! Now her scoring is exceeding the 720 mark. With doing this, she began to assist family and friends with their repair journeys and did the same. Which lead her to establish To & Thru 720, to assist others who have goals that they want to reach, are unable to spend high end dollar. Her main goal is to ensure everyone has access to affordable credit restoration.

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I started my credit journey at a 525, unable to get approved for something as small as secured card.  Now 6 months later, my score is a 685 and I can not only get approved for just about interest rates are AMAZING!

JD-Washington, DC 

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